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Y’all there is a reason TAOs rhymes with WOW, and it’s not just because of their infamous Pow Wow they host every summer. V and I spent 2 days in Taos and are already planning our next trip back. We had SO much fun, and my expectations were blown away. PLUS it is only about an hour and a half from Santa Fe, so you could make a whole trip of it. Taos is rich in Native American History, Art, and nature. Two days isn’t enough, but it was just one stop on our Great American Southwest Roadtrip, so we had to make the best of it. We shoved so many activities into our two days, and here are our suggestions for your upcoming trip…

Go to the POW WOW

Okay so we booked our vacation in April, and at the time we decided to stop by Taos, but had no idea about the Pow Wow. Fortunately, when we were searching things to do in Taos, the Pow Wow came up and happened to be the EXACT SAME WEEKEND we would be there! So of course, I became super pumped! The Pow Wow is the second weekend of July and is a weekend long event full of Native American Heritage from around the globe. There were tribes all the way from Australia when we attended. Dancers and drummers from around the world come and compete in this annual Pow Wow, and you will be mesmerized at their skill level, and the detail put into their traditional wear. You can tell they spend several months prepping for this event. If you are not of Native American descent, do not worry! They will make you feel welcome from the moment you walk up. They invite everyone to go out to the center and dance along side them, and I highly encourage you to do so, as this is one of my favorite memories from the entire trip! It does cost $15 to enter, but it is SO worth it. I suggest making a day of it, as they have lots of food vendors, artists, shopping and entertainment. If you can plan your vacation to TAOS around this, I highly suggest it. For more information on the Pow Wow, click here.

Visit the TAOs PUEBLO

Another historical site that you have to visit when in Taos is the Pueblo. It is rich in the areas Native American History. You will see and learn a lot about how Taos originated and the people who brought this city to life. The Pueblo has been around for over 1,000 years. Come take a guided tour and learn more! The cost of admission is $16 and inside they have local art, shops, and food as well. You could easily spend 2-3 hours here getting wrapped up in all of it’s beauty. Plus, the river that runs through and the mountain view in the back make it very picturesque. Also, the locals are very friendly. One of the residents (White Wolf) actually invited us into his home so that we could get a look at the adobe houses from within. For more information on the Pueblo, click here.


If you have time, we suggest you take a tour of the Earthships. And if you can, we definitely suggest you stay in one. We stayed in the first Earthship to be built through our Airbnb App. It is named the Hobbit, for all you Lord of the Rings fans out there. It was incredible! These houses are so eco friendly and will inspire anyone to be more green. It was very spacious, even though it’s like a studio vibe. One thing I liked was that they have a green house inside. If you don’t want to stay in one, I still suggest you go visit them. They are right across from the Gorge bridge, so you can set aside an hour or two and do both. It’s really interesting to see what you can do with recycled items. For more information on the Earthships tour, click here. To book your stay at the Hobbit, click here

Inside of the Hobbit – First ever Earthship


The Gorge Bridge is an incredible infrastructure, with an even more incredible view. There is a reason it is part of the word GORGE-OUS! This is one of the tallest bridges in the southwest, and definitely worth checking out. There is a place for you to park for free, so go, get out, and get some pictures while soaking up the view of the Rio Grande River. For more information about the bridge, click here


So if you are in Taos, something you have to do is partake in the amazing water activities they have. You’re right there on the Rio Grande, so it’s great to take advantage of it. They have water rafting for all levels, ranging from thrill seeker to floating carelessly. We decided so something a little in the middle. We opted for a special with Los Rios River Runners tours to do water rafting and dinner. We had a blast!! The water rafting is first so you meet up at their local office and they drive you over to the river where you unload and grab your paddles and life jackets. Then we floated the river, paddling our way along and being mesmerized by the immaculate views for about an hour. There were only two spots that we had some bumps to add a little thrill, but the rest was smooth sailing. Then afterwards, we sat down to a nice grilled steak, with potatoes and salad. There was another worker that grilled for us while we floated so it would be ready. You actually had two meal options, I got the steak, but V got an amazing tamale meal smothered with molé sauce. Both meals were delicious and filled us up. I highly recommend doing this. It was so fun and an overall great experience. To look up the company we used and possibly book your favorite evening in Taos, click here.

Check out their DOWNTOWN area

Such a cute town full of history means the downtown area is going to be amazing usually, and Taos did not disappoint! They had so many local art shops, museums, restaurants, pop up car shows, and even an ice cream/chocolate shop. V and I spent hours getting lost around the downtown, because it is actually pretty big and there are lots of fun places to explore. One of the nights, we walked up on a pub where a local jazz band was playing, and really enjoyed it. We also sat underneath the beautiful gazebo as I ate a caramel apple from the chocolate shop. When in Downtown Taos, I suggest eating at The Gorge Bar and Grill. The food will not let you down. We had a green chili burger on toast, brisket fries, and a couple local brews. It was so yummy and we left feeling stuffed, yet satisfied. Click here to check out their menu beforehand. While in Taos, be sure to give yourself time to really walk around and enjoy all the downtown area has to offer. For more information on the downtown area, click here


This is one of my bonus items to do while in Taos. If you go inside the La Fonda Hotel, located in the middle of downtown, you can pay $3 to enter the conference room and see art by the famous artist, D.H. Lawrence. This is not your average art gallery! When you go inside, they have to actually unveil the art from behind a curtain, and you must be of mature age to see it, because this art was banned from London. It was seen as very risque back in the day. I think you will find that it is nothing compared to art nowadays, but it is worth going to see because of the history behind it. For more information, click here.

We hope you enjoyed this BLOG and enjoy your upcoming trip to TAOS, NM as much as we did! This is definitely one of our new top vacation spots, and highly recommend you make the trip. If you have been to TAOS, NM before or to a POW WOW somewhere else, comment below your tips/suggestions on our next Pow Wow to attend . 🙂

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Until next time…. XOXO ❤

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