TOP Photo Opps in HOUSTON

Have a big celebration coming up and need to know the BEST spots to get pictures in Houston? Or are you visiting from out of town and need the prime Houston picture spots to show off your vacation? Or want to just show off a cute new outfit for your Instagram followers? Well then keepContinue reading “TOP Photo Opps in HOUSTON”

BEST Urban Art Photo Opps in HOUSTON

Houston is known for it’s Urban Art and our city does not disappoint! You will be amazed by the bright colors and meaningful messages as you drive up and down the streets of Houston. We know people love to get photos of and with these beautiful murals, so we decided to drive around and pickContinue reading “BEST Urban Art Photo Opps in HOUSTON”

The BEST of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of those cities where you can truly experience it all! No matter what your scene is, you are sure to have a great time there. Into nature and biking? Into the night life or coffee shops? Are you a lover of good food? History buff? This city is jam packed with entertainmentContinue reading “The BEST of Amsterdam”

15 FREE things to do in LONDON

London is one of those cities that finds it’s way to everyone’s Bucket list, but doesn’t seem affordable to a lot of people’s wallets. We are here to prove to you it is possible, no matter your budget. V and I, along with our two friends had London as our second stop on our EuropeanContinue reading “15 FREE things to do in LONDON”

Top 5 MUST DO’s in Dublin

Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day! V and I were feeling festive, or lucky I should say, and decided to do our Ireland blog recently in honor of all things green and amazing, just like the outskirts of Ireland actually. Three years ago, V and I, along with our two great friends Carolyn and Katherine, backpackedContinue reading “Top 5 MUST DO’s in Dublin”

Tourist Traps to Avoid in Barcelona

Just like in any major city you go to, you will need to be aware of the local tourist traps before you travel there. Barcelona is in my opinion the greatest city in the world, but even they have people to avoid. The good definitely outweighs the bad here, but V and I want toContinue reading “Tourist Traps to Avoid in Barcelona”

FC Barca Experience

VISCA BARCA!! We are huge fans of the city of Barcelona and their Soccer team is one of the best in the world. If you don’t know anything about soccer, you still know about FC Barcelona, they’re just that amazing. V is a SUPER FAN of Barcelona, so for his birthday I decided to getContinue reading “FC Barca Experience”

Top 5 things to do in Mexico City

Bienvenidos! Welcome! Today I am going to tell you our top 5 things to do when in Mexico City. Okay so please keep in mind that we only spent a few hours here and we were there during Day of the Dead so I know we missed out on quite a bit, but it wasContinue reading “Top 5 things to do in Mexico City”

Day of the Dead in Mexico

If you have ever wanted to participate in Day of the Dead festivities or Dia de los Muertos, there is no better place to do than Mixquic! Well, I haven’t gone everywhere, but I must say that the festival for Day of the Dead in Mixquic is something I will never forget! The food, art,Continue reading “Day of the Dead in Mexico”