A Real Texas Castle

Looking for a royal getaway without the royal budget to back you? Look no further than Newman’s Castle in Bellville, TX. This place is located centrally between Austin and Houston. Hidden behind trees and off back roads, you would never expect such a regal structure, and you will be delightfully surprised. Not only can youContinue reading “A Real Texas Castle”

Discovery Green Park – Houston, TX

My favorite park to go to in Houston has to be Discovery Green! It is the perfect place to bring out of town visitors, have a picnic in the park, exercise, play with young ones and so much more. Right in the heart of downtown Houston, it is located near all of the sites youContinue reading “Discovery Green Park – Houston, TX”

Napa Valley Day Trip!

If you are into wine, I am sure that at some point in your life, like me, you have dreamed of going to Napa Valley. I’ll be honest, Napa Valley is the MAIN reason I wanted to go to San Francisco. I mean I love wineries and this is one of the best wine countiesContinue reading “Napa Valley Day Trip!”

How to get 1,000 likes on your INSTAGRAM after your San Francisco Vacay!

Want to get all the likes on your Instagram photos?! Looking for the best photo opportunities while vacationing in San Francisco? This is our blog on the MOST INSTAGRAM WORTHY SPOTS IN SAN FRANCISCO! Well we have done the research and got the addresses/tips here for you below. This was such a fun blog/vlog toContinue reading “How to get 1,000 likes on your INSTAGRAM after your San Francisco Vacay!”

How to visit San Francisco on the ULTIMATE BUDGET

Everyone warned us that San Francisco was going to be expensive and told us to prepare to spend a lot, so we decided that we were going to do the opposite. We went to San Francisco with the idea in mind to spend less than $500 each for 3 days, 2 nights. I’m talking airfare,Continue reading “How to visit San Francisco on the ULTIMATE BUDGET”

Great American South West Road Trip

From Vegas to Texas, and EVERYTHING in between, we had the most epic road trip touring the Great American South West! Road trips are sometimes dreaded… but this was a trip for the books! We never got tired of being on the road and found infinite adventures along the way. V and I took 3Continue reading “Great American South West Road Trip”

ONE day in Santa FE

We spent 24 hours in Santa FE and had NON STOP fun throughout the entire city. Santa Fe is a city you must visit! Santa Fe is full of art, culture, great food, amazing pop ups, historical buildings and so much more making it a top bucket list travel destination. We had a little overContinue reading “ONE day in Santa FE”

TAOS, New Mexico – Your next FAVORITE destination

Y’all there is a reason TAOs rhymes with WOW, and it’s not just because of their infamous Pow Wow they host every summer. V and I spent 2 days in Taos and are already planning our next trip back. We had SO much fun, and my expectations were blown away. PLUS it is only aboutContinue reading “TAOS, New Mexico – Your next FAVORITE destination”

Horseshoe Bend & Antelope Canyon

On our Great American Southwest Road trip Journey…our second stop (after Las Vegas/Grand Canyon) led us northeast to what we believe is the most underrated city in the world… PAGE, ARIZONA. It is hard to believe that there is SO much to do in this otherwise small city. Mother Nature truly blessed Page, AZ. YouContinue reading “Horseshoe Bend & Antelope Canyon”