How to Travel on a BUDGET

The number one question V and I get asked is how do we travel on a budget? “Aren’t y’all teachers?” “How can you afford to go on so many trips?” The answer is simple, we budget for it. We not only budget on our trips, but each pay check we put a little aside forContinue reading “How to Travel on a BUDGET”

How to visit San Francisco on the ULTIMATE BUDGET

Everyone warned us that San Francisco was going to be expensive and told us to prepare to spend a lot, so we decided that we were going to do the opposite. We went to San Francisco with the idea in mind to spend less than $500 each for 3 days, 2 nights. I’m talking airfare,Continue reading “How to visit San Francisco on the ULTIMATE BUDGET”

How to do Santorini on a budget

Disclaimer: You cannot go to Santorini and think it will be inexpensive, but we are here to make it as cheap for you as possible. It may be one of the most pricey places we’ve traveled, even with budgeting, but it is also the MOST beautiful. It is definitely the ideal Honeymoon destination. So belowContinue reading “How to do Santorini on a budget”